#abstract #geometric #art @sfmoma #abstractart #sculpture #installation #museum #people #installationart #sanfrancisco Wednesday, Jan 25 2017 

#abstract #geometric #art #bubble #girl #floating #sculpture @sfmoma #museum #sanfrancisco Wednesday, Jan 25 2017 

Billie Jeopardy – Pink Project Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

Another Brick in the Mammagamma – Pink Project Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

Elektronik Supersonik – Zlad Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

Zeroes and Ones – Baby Seal Club Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

WordPress vs LiveJournal vs Weebly vs Blog vs Posterous vs Webs Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

I’m trying different blog platforms simultaneously, to see how they stack up. You can see Ari Schindler on WordPress, Ari Schindler on LiveJournal, Ari Schindler on Weebly, Ari Schindler on Blog, Ari Schindler on Posterous, and Ari Schindler on Webs. Any thoughts on which platform is the best and why? Maybe Blogspot gets higher Google ranking just because they own it? Maybe some of the other services get lower Google ranking because they are newer and have fewer inbound links to their domain?

Ari Schindler on Pinterest Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

Pinterest is flat out cool – beautifully designed and executed software. Here is Ari Schindler on Pinterest, with pinboards for cocktails, Burning Man, illustrations, and travel.

Ari Schindler on Google+ Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

Everyone is ON Google+, but nobody seems to be USING Google+. Here is Ari Schindler on Google+. I’m just starting to use the thing, but I may stop because of how much I hate having to put that + before a comma, period, or end quote.

Kicktraq the Black Rock French Quarter Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

Kicktraq is an interesting site that records the history of Kickstarter campaigns. For instance, here is the Black Rock French Quarter on Kicktraq. Who builds all these sites that go about scraping and analyzing other sites?

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