WordPress vs LiveJournal vs Weebly vs Blog vs Posterous vs Webs Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

I’m trying different blog platforms simultaneously, to see how they stack up. You can see Ari Schindler on WordPress, Ari Schindler on LiveJournal, Ari Schindler on Weebly, Ari Schindler on Blog, Ari Schindler on Posterous, and Ari Schindler on Webs. Any thoughts on which platform is the best and why? Maybe Blogspot gets higher Google ranking just because they own it? Maybe some of the other services get lower Google ranking because they are newer and have fewer inbound links to their domain?


Ari Schindler on Pinterest Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

Pinterest is flat out cool – beautifully designed and executed software. Here is Ari Schindler on Pinterest, with pinboards for cocktails, Burning Man, illustrations, and travel.

Ari Schindler on Google+ Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

Everyone is ON Google+, but nobody seems to be USING Google+. Here is Ari Schindler on Google+. I’m just starting to use the thing, but I may stop because of how much I hate having to put that + before a comma, period, or end quote.

Kicktraq the Black Rock French Quarter Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

Kicktraq is an interesting site that records the history of Kickstarter campaigns. For instance, here is the Black Rock French Quarter on Kicktraq. Who builds all these sites that go about scraping and analyzing other sites?

Ari Schindler on Tumblr Sunday, Dec 16 2012 

Tumblr is actually a pretty good piece of software, with a fairly tight user interface. You’ll find the Ari Schindler Tumblr page full of interesting photography and art installations, with a fair amount of Burning Man stuff as well.

Black Rock French Quarter on Kickstarter Saturday, Dec 15 2012 

Black Rock French Quarter on Kickstarter

For two years the generosity of theĀ  Kickstarter community has made the Black Rock French Quarter possible. We are still struggling to ensure that everyone receives their rewards, and are finally catching up with the last stragglers we missed this holiday season. Planning is just about to begin for Burning Man 2013, and we already have two dedicated staff members to handle rewards for our amazing sponsors, and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks again. Building great art and community is like building a company or any other organization – its stunning how much time and energy it takes to put all the systems in place, but the satisfaction of bringing something extraordinary into the world makes it all worthwhile.

Free Tarot Reading Saturday, Dec 15 2012 

There is a little testbed for automatic Tarot readings, using the next generation engine that may someday roll out into that venerable and loyal old dinosaur of a website, Facade. Here is where I play with different systems, on the rare occasion I have some time to do so…

Ari Schindler’s Tarot Readings

Ari Schindler’s 3D Stereoscopic Photography Saturday, Dec 15 2012 

Ari Schindler’s 3D Stereoscopic Photography

Many years back I had a taste for 3D photography, and assembled some crude tools to experiment with. The photos were fairly limited by the way the available camera and lens constrained the lighting and aspect ratio, as well as the way stereoscopic photography constrains your distance to the subject and the composition of the shot. Some of the photos are not too bad, and as a set they do a decent job of illustrating the challenges in making great stereo photos.

At Burning Man, a Slice of New Orleans Saturday, Nov 17 2012 

KQED and the California Report did a little piece on the Sunset Supper Club, which we created at Burning Man in 2006 as part of the Golden Cafe, and has become something of an institution as part of the Black Rock French Quarter. Here is the article…

At Burning Man, a Slice of New Orleans

Sand, Scorpions and Spice at Burning Man

Jazz Funeral for the Burning Man Saturday, Nov 17 2012 

Black Rock French Quarter Mardi Gras and Jazz Funeral for the Burning Man at Black Rock City…

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